Cat’s Eye Stone Features and Benefits


Cat’s Eye Stone

Features and Benefits

Cat’s Eye Quartz is a stone belonging to the Quartz group. Unlike others, its crystal structure is different. It is one of the stones with an iridescent feature. It contains air spaces. These cavities contain the crocidolite mineral (blue asbestos). The vertical fibers in the stone make the stone shine like a cat’s eye. The name of the cat’s eye was given to this stone for this reason. In order to capture this image, a cabochon cut should be applied to the stone. Otherwise, the desired shine cannot be achieved.

Cat’s eye is used in jewelry and ornaments in precious stones. Real cat eye stones are very precious and should not be deceived by fake ones. Tiger eye stone also belongs to this family.

There are also other stones that have a cat’s eye effect. Like Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl and Cat’s Eye Tourmaline. In these stones, the appearance of the cat’s eye quartz stone can be obtained with the appropriate cut.

Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl

Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl is more precious and expensive than cat’s eye quartz. Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl stone, which belongs to the beryl group, is a subspecies of Alexandrite stone. It can be found in colors such as milk color, honey color, golden green, greenish-gold, green, greenish-yellow, smoky brown, gray. Among them, milk and honey-colored ones are the most precious. The color should be uniform throughout the crystal.

Cat’s Eye When the chrysoberyl stone is moved or the light source is moved, a silver band is formed in the center of the stone, reminiscent of the opening and closing of a cat’s eye. Thanks to this feature, the cat’s eye stone are considered an extraordinary stone, and the opening and closing of this middle band are called “Chatoyancy”. If the silver strip is well centered on the stone and does not break, it increases the value of that stone.

Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl is mined in parts of Sri Lanka, India, and Madagascar. Those extracted from Sri Lanka and India are more valuable than other cat’s eye stones.

Benefits of Cat’s Eye Stone

  • Grounding stone
  • Triggers intuition
  • Eliminates negative energy
  • Brings confidence, happiness, peace, good luck
  • Strengthens the eye, is therapeutic in eye diseases
  • Relieves headaches

Hardness Degree: 8 – 8.5

Specific Gravity: 3.68 – 3.75

Chemical Formula and Group: BeAl2O4

Color: Yellow to green, milk and honey color (chrysoberyl), gray, white, milky color (quartz) transparent, translucent, opaque

Originated: Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar

Chakras: Heart, Solar Plexus, Crown

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