Alexandrite Properties and Benefits


Alexandrite Stone

Features and Benefits

Alexandrite is a stone that shows color transitions by turning blue-green in sunlight and red-purple in unnatural lights such as candlelight. Alexandrites, which have sharper color transitions and do not show brownish color, are more valuable. It is one of the rare types of precious stones with color transitions in the world. Like emerald, it belongs to the beryl group.

Alexandrite was first found in the Ural Mountains in Russia in 1830, and the most valuable of these natural stones was presented to the Russian Tsar Alexandra as a gift. For this reason, this precious stone is named after him. Since this deposit in the Ural mountains was closed after a short period of operation, the Alexandrites obtained from here are very rare and very valuable. Today it is also mined in Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, and Brazil, but Russian origin is the most valuable.

Alexandrite is useful in protecting from harmful rays due to its ability to filter cosmic rays. It is known to be good for nervous system disorders. It helps in the treatment of pancreas and spleen disorders.

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