Amazonite Properties and Benefits

Amazonite Properties and Benefits


Amazonite Stone

Features and Benefits

Amazonite, which takes its name from the Amazon river, reminds the Amazon river of its shape and structure. It is found in nature in transparent and translucent form. The hardness of amazonite stone, which is highly resistant to heat, is 6 according to the Mohs hardness scale. Amazonite is among the semi-precious stones, but it is a very valuable stone when its benefits are considered. Today it is used in making ornaments, carving, and jewelry.

Amazonite is a stone that is sensitive to external effects. When touched too much, its color fades and as we mentioned before, it does not like heat at all, it is immediately affected. It resembles jade in appearance. Amazonite represents Aquarius and Virgo zodiac signs. In the chakras, it is effective in the throat chakra.

Amazonite stone resembles a river in terms of color and appearance and gives peace and happiness to people with its aesthetic stance. It has many psychological and physical benefits. The ones we just mentioned above are the main ones. There is information that it is used especially during pregnancy and that the pain and pains of childbirth are reduced. Emotionally, it also gives calmness and peace to the person. It helps to heal emotional hurt and wounds. It is good for excessive nerves and balances the nervous system. It makes it easier to understand by affecting the mental power in a positive way. In this respect, it is also recommended to students. Considering its benefits, it should come as no surprise that it is among the precious stones. Unfortunately, like every product, amazonite stone has too many fakes on the market. For this reason, you should buy it from reliable places as much as possible or consult a specialist.

Amazonite stone is mined in many parts of the world. The main countries where the Amazonite stone is extracted are; USA, Madagascar, Russia, India, and Brazil.

How to clean amazonite stone

In order to increase the effect of Amazonite stone, it must be cleaned and purified. It can be washed under running water for 5 minutes. It can also be purified by keeping it under the sun for 1 day. You can clean the jewelry made of amazonite with a cloth soaked in vinegar water for 5 minutes and dry it immediately.

Benefits of Amazonite Stone

  • It strengthens the body, primarily the heart, nervous system, and muscles.
  • It prevents and restrains excessive and sudden emotional outbursts.
  • It neutralizes negative energy.
  • It provides relaxation in the nervous system.
  • It helps in accepting changes.
  • It is good for tooth decay and calcium deficiencies.
  • It increases communication skills.
  • It regulates and calms the chakras.
  • It has the effect of facilitating childbirth.
  • Increases grip strength.
  • It reduces stress.

Hardness Degree: 6 – 6.5

Specific Gravity: 2.56 – 2.57

Chemical Formula and Group: K Al Si O + Cu, Na, Pb, and Silicate

Color: Green, greenish, blue, opaque, translucent

Originated: Brazil, USA, Russia, Madagascar, and India

Chakras: Throat

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