Tiger Eye Stone Features and Benefits


Tiger Eye Stone

Features and Benefits

A quartz group stone, the Tiger eye stone is one of the most valuable healing stones. When it is polished, it gains a silky appearance. Tiger eye stone is an iridescent stone. It is generally used as jewelry. It is known that tiger eye stone is good for asthma diseases. At the same time, it acts as a relaxing effect in case of nervous system disorder. Emotionally, it’s a great balancer.

Tiger eye stone is the stone of independence. The color is yellow, brown with stripes on it. It has a glassy, ​​iridescent and silky appearance. Tiger eye stone increases the sense of ownership. In addition, it is good for insomnia and gives mental calmness. It gives ease of focus and encouragement to those who carry it. Tiger eye stone is usually mined in Australia, South Africa, and Burma. The price of tiger eye stone varies according to its quality. For this reason, although the two products may look exactly the same, their prices may differ.

Benefits of Tiger Eye Stone

  • It has benefits for asthma patients.
  • It has beneficial effects for digestive system disorders, spleen, and pancreas.
  • It boosts courage and reminds you of your purpose when you think your life lacks purpose.
  • Since it is a stone that appeals to emotions, it is a sought-after gift among lovers. You can use it as a ring or necklace, or carry it in your pocket.
  • It is emotionally stabilizing and reduces stubbornness. It allows the person to perceive events more clearly.
  • Tiger’s eye, the stone of strength and courage; increases your stamina and gives you the will to move forward despite obstacles.
  • If you are thinking of making changes in your life, you need the tiger eye stone.
  • It is useful for children who have nightmares.
  • The tiger eye is believed to protect from the evil eye and was used for this purpose in the past.
  • It makes those who carry it less dependent on others.

Hardness Degree: Tiger eye with a hardness degree of 7 is easily used in making jewelry and ornaments.

Specific weight:

Chemical Formula and Group:


Originated: Australia, South Africa, and Burma


Cleaning: Flowing water

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