Ametrine Stone Features and Benefits


Ametrine Stone (Ametra Stone)

Features and Benefits

Ametrine is a stone composed of purple and yellow colors, used for therapeutic purposes, and formed by the perfect combination of amethyst and citrine stones. This very effective stone is used for therapeutic purposes. Ametrine stone is a stone that reveals the underlying causes of diseases. It is believed to facilitate astral journeys and protect the person. It is a stone that calms the mind and is good for stress. It is an effective stone used in meditation. It is one of the most used and useful stones among precious stones. Opens the third eye (forehead) chakra and strengthens the 6th sense.

Ametrine stone is extracted from many mines around the world and is abundant. The main source of ametrine stone is the Anahi mine in Bolivia. Ametrine has a uniquely beautiful mix of colors. The perfect harmony of purple and yellow shows itself in this natural stone. Like other quartz stones, ametrine stone is mostly used in jewelry and jewelry making.

An energetic stone, Ametrine enhances creativity and brings out the artistic side of the person. It strengthens concentration, gives mental clarity. It is a stone that raises the level of awareness. Ametrine removes negativity and obstacles, brings optimism and positive energy.

In order to benefit from the effect of your stone at the maximum level, you should purify your stone at regular intervals. Ametrine stone in running water for 5 minutes. You can clean it by washing it or leaving it in the sun for 1 day.

Benefits of Ametrine Stone

  • Ametrine, which goes down to the bottom layer of everything, allows the real cause of the problems to be revealed.
  • It has strong cleansing properties, removes toxins and negativities from the body.
  • It cleans the blood, strengthens the immune system, balances DNA/RNA.
  • Ametrine is good for chronic fatigue disease.
  • It cures depression, gastric disorders, and ulcers, stress-related ailments.
  • It carries the characteristics of Amethyst and Citrine stones in the same group. It can be used together.
  • Absorbs negative energy in the environment,
  • It strengthens the muscle structure and protects against diseases.

Hardness Degree: 7

Specific Gravity: 2.65

Chemical Formula and Group: SiO2 and Silicate, Quartz Group

Color: Purple, yellow, magenta, transparent

Originated: Brazil, Canada, Madagascar, Russia, India, Namibia, Sri Lanka, USA

Chakras: Crown, forehead

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