Citrine Stone Features and Benefits


Citrine Stone

Features and Benefits

Citrine, whose color goes from yellow to light brown, is used to cure many diseases. It has therapeutic energy. It strengthens self-confidence, destroys self-destructive tendencies, makes one feel good. Citrine is also used to activate massage oils. This stone energizes the oil, accelerates circulation and allows it to penetrate the skin better.

Wearing citrine around your neck with the tip down gives you confidence and universal strength. Citrine, also known as the Merchant’s Stone, is put in their safe by some believers.

They believe that citrine increases their monetary power. Some people think that it is an unfortunate stone and they try not to touch it no matter what.

Citrine is often confused with topaz, a much more precious stone than itself. In fact, the name citrine is sometimes used incorrectly as another name for topaz. This is because the orange or yellowish types of topaz are similar in color to citrine.

Known benefits of Citrine Stone;

  • Citrine, like Amethyst, can be used to block unwanted energies in an environment.
  • Citrine is a stone believed to bring success.
  • It gives feelings of joy and happiness to the person who carries it.
  • It helps the person to get rid of the feelings that cause depression. It strengthens the sense of self-confidence and is comforting and reassuring in situations of nervousness.
  • It destroys negative energy. However, it does not collect negative energy like quartz crystals. For this reason, it does not need a lot of cleaning from negative energies.
  • Increases mental clarity.
  • It is believed to be beneficial for the kidneys, colon, lungs, digestive organs, and heart.

Hardness Degree: 7

Chakras: lower abdomen, solar plexus

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