Titanium Stone Features and Benefits


Titanium Quartz

Features and Benefits

Quartz, with its unique crystal form, is one of the most powerful, healing, and energy-enhancing gemstones on the planet. We have given information about many stones belonging to the quartz group before. Now it’s time for Titanium Quartz. In fact, Titanium quartz is not a well-known and widely used stone. However, it is preferred as jewelry because of its dazzling colors.

Titanium quartz, in other words, rainbow quartz, is formed by the combination of quartz stone with titanium and gold. Since it is rarely found in nature, it is produced by coating the quartz crystal with gold and titanium in the laboratory environment.

These precious stones, which activate all energy centers in the body, reveal the vital energy, enthusiasm, and pleasure required for life. It purifies the person from negativities such as regret and grief from the past. It has positive effects on relationships as it cleanses the user from emotional negativity. It is a beneficial stone for relationships that have gone bad. Thanks to this stone, relationships remain vibrant and harmonious.

Benefits of Titanium Stone

  • Stimulates universal love awareness,
  • Attracts negativity,
  • It collects negative energy inside,
  • Spreads healing energy to the body and the environment

Hardness Degree: 7

Specific Weight:

Chemical Formula and Group:

Color: Rainbow colors, iridescent, crystal structure

Extracted From: Very rare

Chakras: All chakras

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