Sodalite Properties and Benefits


Sodalite Stone

Features and Benefits

Sodalite, the symbol of Sagittarius, is a precious natural stone in indigo blue color. Sodalite is an aluminum silicate mineral and occurs in igneous rocks. It should not be confused with Lapis Lazuli, as it is a lapis-like stone in appearance and color. Sodalite mined in Brazil and Canada is rare in our country.

Sodalite is good for throat ailments, as well as for people who suffer from nausea during travel. It reduces shyness and encourages people who cannot express their feelings and thoughts clearly. It reduces the tension on people. If you are a shy person, carry this stone close to your heart. While cleaning your stone, it is enough to leave it in sunlight for 5 minutes and wipe it with a damp cloth. Soapy water will dull your stone and damage it. Sodalite is considered the lucky stone of Sagittarius.

Benefits of Sodalite Stone;

  • Sodalite is good for all throat ailments. It reduces swelling and inflammation in the throat. For this purpose, the stone used should be at least as large as the swollen or inflamed area.
  • It helps depressed people and people who use drugs to return to their normal state.
  • It both keeps the person in the realities of this world and enables him to establish a strong bond with his soul.
  • It helps you concentrate on the subject you need by silencing the unnecessary voices in your mind. Thus, you can set your goals by becoming aware of your main thoughts. It can be used to increase concentration.
  • People who cannot easily express their feelings and thoughts, use this stone on their neck areas, which relaxes them. Thus, their tension disappears and the words flow freely from their mouths. In this healing, successful results are obtained when used regularly. If you are a shy person, carry this stone close to your heart.
  • It is good for those who suffer from nausea during the trip.

Hardness Degree: 6

Chakras: Throat, Forehead,

Cleaning: Sun (5 minutes)

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