Lapis Lazuli Stone Features and Benefits


Lapis Lazuli Stone

Features and Benefits

Lapis lazuli has been used as jewelry and ornaments since ancient times. Lapis Lazuli, which was used mostly during Ancient Egypt and Pharaohs, is usually dark blue – dark blue. It takes shades of blue from light to dark but is only available in blue. It has yellow metallic pyrites on it. These pyrites are just another stone. It’s not gold particles. Although it is not a pure stone in nature, Lapis Lazuli is very valuable. It is formed by the combination of several minerals and gets its blue color from these minerals. However, it is a rock, not a mineral.

Lapis lazuli stones with yellow pyrite sparkle on them are more valuable than others. Some lapis have white calcite veins, which reduces the value of lapis. Lapis, which we generally know with its dark blue-dark blue color, gives off H2S gas when it encounters hydrochloric acid. This gas smells like rotten eggs. The presence of pyrite in the stone is often important to distinguish natural lapis lazuli from many lapis imitations. The most valuable Lapis Lazuli Stone is mined in Afghanistan. It is also mined in America, Pakistan, Italy, Canada, Siberia, Angola, Chile, Switzerland.

For whatever purpose you use your stone, do not carry it on you all the time. When you carry it on you all the time, its effect decreases as your body gets used to the effect of the stone. Avoid soap and water to clean your stone. Because water will cause your lapis stone to become dull. To clean your stone, it will be enough to leave it in the sunlight.

Benefits of Lapis Lazuli Stone;

  • It strengthens physical abilities and communication skills.
  • It strengthens the bones. It strengthens the skeleton.
  • It provides protection of young children from respiratory diseases.
  • Regulates tension.
  • It activates the thyroid glands.
  • It clarifies irrational thoughts and adds intensity to your thoughts.
  • It is a stone that should be used with caution. The energy it emits can cause dizziness in sensitive individuals.
  • With its determined and effective energy, it makes you look at the events that you ignore. It strengthens your soul’s desire to reach the truth.
  • It reduces anxiety and gives vitality to the person.
  • It distracts young children from their fears.
  • It is used for mental clarity and enlightenment. It helps deep thought.

Hardness Degree: 5 – 6

Specific Gravity: 2.4 – 2.6

Chemical Formula and Group: Na,Ca)8(AlSiO4)6(SO4,S,Cl)2 and Minerals

Color: Dark Blue, Navy Blue, Purple, and Greenish

Places of Origin: America, Pakistan, Italy, Canada, Siberia, Angola, Afghanistan, Chile, Switzerland

Chakras: Forehead

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