Onyx Stone Features and Benefits


Onyx Stone

Features and Benefits

A type of semi-precious stone, Onyx is also known as Veined Agate. Onyx, a cryptocrystalline type of quartz, is a stone with many layers in different colors. The colors of the layers of Onyx, which is usually black, are very diverse. It can be in many different colors, from white to black.

Another type of Onyx, Sardonyx (Sardonyx), on the other hand, colored stripes are shades of red. Although pure black onyx is common, it is not as common as colored onyx. Onyx, whose chemical formula is SiO2, silicon dioxide, has a hardness of 7 according to the Mohs scale.

Onyx strengthens the physical sense, it is used efficiently in inner ear diseases, provided that it comes into contact with the skin. It is known that it is good for such ailments if it comes into contact with the disturbed areas several times a day. It is a stone of control and balance. Onyx stone increases awareness and provides more responsibility. This stone, which has a black color, is known to balance the feelings of fear and anxiety.

Positive thinking is the cornerstone of depression relief and self-confidence. Onyx stone is widely used in jewelry and ornaments. It is known that it gives the energy to help people in whatever subject they need energy.

Benefits of Onyx Stone

  • It provides concentration.
  • It reduces sexual urges.
  • It is effective against anxiety. It removes the anxiety of the future.
  • It balances the male-female polarization and strengthens relations.
  • He supports the person with his energy in every matter he needs.
  • It provides control and balance. It helps one to get rid of addictions.
  • It is used against the evil eye.

Hardness Degree: 6.5 – 7.0

Specific weight:

Chemical Formula and Group:

Color: It can be in many different colors from white to black.

Places of Extraction:

Chakras: Root

Cleaning : Flowing water / Sun (1 hour)

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