Selenite Stone Properties and Benefits


Selenite Stone, Desert Rose

Features and Benefits

Selenite, dating back 2500 years, is a widely used crystal. From ancient Rome to Egypt and even to the Ottoman sultans, this stone was valued and moved to protect it in war. Selenite has a color scale ranging from white to brown.

It has a transparent-looking structure that reflects light. Its value comes from this translucent structure. In addition, Gypsum (Selenite) in the form of bunches or bunches is called Desert Rose because of its multi-layered (layered) type. It resembles a rose that emerged in the desert because of the natural blending of over twenty round leafy parts and giving these leaves the appearance of being sprinkled with sand.

It is a transparent type of gypsum and is calcium sulfate. It contains water and is very soft. Its crystals are generally flat and rhombic. It usually occurs in sedimentary rocks. Gypsum roses are reddish-brown and leafy.

Due to its structure, it should not be contacted with excess water and care should be taken to keep it dry. It has a hardness of 2 and is not very suitable for processing. It is mined in China, Central Asia, the USA and Turkey. It is common all over the world, but quality crystals are found in Mexico and the USA.
Selenite, which strengthens one’s self-confidence and belief, has a peaceful energy.
It is a stone compatible with all chakras, especially the crown chakra.

Benefits of Selenite Stone:

  • It is a stone that provides mental clarity.
  • It strengthens the bones. It is said to be good for rheumatic diseases.
  • It creates a shield power against all negative energies coming from outside.
  • It is a stone that is widely used by those who are interested in meditation and yoga because it gives spiritual calmness.
  • It is believed to be beneficial in eye diseases, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory system diseases.
  • It is not recommended in patients with a heart stent.
  • It is a self-cleaning crystal. You do not need to clean it separately.
  • A selenite ornament that you will put in your home will provide spiritual calmness in your home; It will also close your home to negative energies that may come from outside.
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