Rose Quartz Stone Features and Benefits


Pink Quartz Stone

Features and Benefits

Rose quartz is a rare type of quartz in nature. It is also known as rose quartz and rose quartz. It was used to make seals and symbols in ancient times, and today it is used to make carved figurines, decorative items, and jewelry. Its color changes from pale pink to a rose red. It has gained a reputation as the love stone among precious stones.

If you have used your crystal for too long, it may run out of energy. It starts to transfer the negative energy it has collected to you. You feel this negative energy in the form of headaches, nausea. In this case, you should clean your crystal by burying it overnight before using it again.
Leaving your Rose Quartz Crystal near an amethyst will also clear it. For this, you can buy two crystals and use one while cleaning the other. Do not let other people touch a crystal you have cleaned. Whatever purpose it is used for, before using a newly purchased crystal, make sure to bury it in the ground overnight to purify it from negative energy.

Crystals can cause headaches at first for those who are not used to their energy. In such a case, remove your crystal from time to time. However, when you get used to its energy, you can wear it constantly.

Quartz with a clear interior is called “Male Quartz”, and quartz with a smoky interior is called “Female Quartz”. In crystal clusters, the two are usually found together. Due to the clearness of male quartz, it has a positive effect on people who experience mental confusion and pessimism. It has a stimulating and stimulating effect on people. The female quartz, on the other hand, has a dull structure. Although its appearance is not as beautiful as male quartz, it has many more features. It is good for severe headaches that occur mentally, emotionally, or physically.

Rose quartz has a soothing effect and relaxes the heart. It reduces emotional pain and distress. The names of quartz crystals vary according to their color. Another name for rose quartz is the love crystal. It is known that those who wear them do not harbor emotions such as anger or jealousy. Along with relaxation and peace, you will feel at ease with confidence in the crystal.

Benefits of Rose Quartz Stone

  • It renews body cells, therefore it both treats diseases and increases the body’s resistance.
  • It provides inner peace and harmony.
  • It keeps the systems of organs such as kidneys, lungs, liver, heart healthy.
  • Heals wounds, angina, asthma, and visual disturbances.
  • It is good for depression. It allows the person to value himself, gives a sense of self-confidence.
  • It makes you love life.
  • It destroys the negative energy around you and collects the positive energy.
  • It is an emotional stabilizer. It stimulates brain functions.
  • Provides protection against loss of strength and vitality.
  • It collects the radiation emitted from devices such as a wireless modem, mobile phones, radios.
  • It strengthens mental concentration.
  • When carried under clothing by touching the skin, it protects the person from the negative energy in the environment. If you are in an environment with positive people, wear your stone visibly. Thus, it collects the positive energy of the people around you.
  • It has a headache-relieving feature.
  • It keeps the digestive and blood circulation system healthy and heals if sick.
  • It is healthy for the eye. The eagle gives vision and power.

Hardness Degree: 7

Specific Gravity: 2.65

Chemical Formula and Group: SiO2 and Silicate

Color: Pink

Places of Origin: Brazil, Madagascar, USA, Russia, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iran, Canada

Chakras: Abdomen, Heart, Forehead, Crown

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