Hemimorphite Stone Features and Benefits


Hemimorphite Stone, Calamine Stone

Features and Benefits

Hemimorphite stone, which usually has a pale blue, opaque green, white, gray, and brown color scale, is a very eye-catching and rare stone among natural stones. It is a zinc-based mineral that is rare in nature and difficult to process. It has a hard but easily breakable structure. It is usually found in nature in the form of thin rod-like crystals. It can also be found as amorphous rocks.

Austria, South Africa, England, Poland, Thailand are some of the countries where it was extracted. Hemimorphite stone, appealing to the senses, symbolizes Libra.

Hemimorphite stone plays a major role in revealing positive energy, it is effective in making positive use of the energy inside the person.

This precious stone, which is also used for cleaning and balancing the chakras, helps spiritual and personal development.

It is also known to be good for headaches caused by hormonal causes. However, since it makes the person feel good, it is good for depression and also has an appetizing feature.
The hemimorphite stone, which forms a bridge between the heart and the brain, activates the chakra in the 3rd eye summer forehead area, improves the visual abilities of the person, and helps the person to look at both what is happening in the world and his inner world with a deeper eye.

Hemimorphite stone is also called Calamine and Zinc Silicate.

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