Aventurine Stone Properties and Benefits


Aventurine Stone

Özellikleri ve Faydaları

Aventurine is a stone belonging to the quartz group that can be found in blue, orange, and green colors. It is generally found in shades of green and therefore green aventurine comes to mind first when aventurine is mentioned. It is a stone believed to be emotionally balancing and effective against depression. It is a stone that you can use to feel happy. It has a granular structure that scatters metallic glitters.

Aventurine stone is also called Star Stone. When placed near the heart, it protects from negative energy. This stone has a softness between Jade and Rose Quartz. It is best to put this smooth stone directly on the skin of your chest. If the stone is pointed, then it is necessary to bring the pointed end up. This stone is the stone of unlimited possibilities, it opens wide horizons for you. You can use this stone when you feel limited, blocked, stuck in narrow thought patterns, or outdated behaviors. Aventurine is the Cancer symbol stone.

Benefits of Aventurine Stone;

  • Increases physical strength and vitality.
  • It is a stone that has positive effects, especially on heart health.
  • It is emotionally stabilizing and effective against depression.
  • It is a stone that you can use to feel happy.
  • It is considered a lucky stone.
  • It allows you to be soft and open-hearted without getting too sensitive.
  • It has a calming effect for those who are preparing to reopen their heart after closing it.
  • Placing this smooth stone on your chest, directly on your skin, is the best way to benefit from it.

**In some sources, the following information is given about orange aventurine, which may cause misunderstandings; It is said that there are two kinds of (orange) aventurine and one belongs to the quartz group and is known as orange aventurine, the other is feldspar and is known as sunstone and the two can be mixed. Sunstone, which is feldspar, is a separate stone from aventurine and is not in the same group as aventurine. Aventurine is quartz and its chemical formula is SiO2 for all colors regardless of color. Sunstone, on the other hand, is different in terms of both physical appearance and chemical formula: (Na, Ca)(Si, Al)4O8. Therefore, it cannot be mixed. Only someone who is new to the stones can confuse these stones.

Hardness Degree: 7

Chakras: Solar Plexus, Heart, Forehead

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