Turquoise Stone Features and Benefits


Turquoise Stone

Features and Benefits

Turquoise, also known as Firuze, is a non-transparent (opaque) blue-green stone. It has been used in jewelry making since ancient Egyptian times. It is very valuable in terms of its effect, but since synthetic turquoises are produced today, it has begun to lose its importance. Even experts find it difficult to distinguish real Turquoise from artificial ones. The turquoise stone is a very valuable and expensive stone, so there are many fakes in the market.

It is believed that turquoise protects against the evil eye. It is among the stones most used by women as jewelry. It is beneficial to the digestive system, especially when used as a belt buckle.

Turquoise improves balance when used with silver. Turquoise also symbolizes peace.

Turquoise can be in all color tones between sky blue and green. In some, gold veins are found. It gives calmness and peace to the person who uses it, and eliminates anxiety. Turquoise also strengthens the body. It gives happiness to the person who uses it.

Benefits of Turquoise Stone;

  • It calms anxiety.
  • It is useful in relieving the grief of grieving people, or in rescuing those who have been shocked by an event. It gives them the sense of peace that people in this situation need.
  • It enhances the healing powers of those who carry it and helps them increase their wisdom.
  • It is effective against the evil eye.
  • As jewelry, it is a stone that can be used every day. Especially when buried in silver, the effect increases and stabilizes.
  • For digestive problems; Can be used as a belt buckle, bracelet, or ring.
  • It regulates blood pressure and is good for heart diseases.

Hardness Degree: 5 – 6

Chakras: Throat, digestion

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