Rutile Quartz Stone Features and Benefits


Rutile Quartz Stone

Features and Benefits

Rutile quartz is an effective integrator for all types of energy. Angel hair, Needle Quartz, Also known as Sagenite, this precious stone has high energy. It has intense healing power. Rutile quartz can be colorless or reddish-brown. But it is the reddish or black thread-like lines inside that make it stand out.

Rutile quartz, as the name suggests, belongs to the quartz group. It has a crystal structure in the form of quartz. The most important feature that distinguishes it from other quartz is the lines inside. Rutile Quartz is usually white, but can also be found in brown, gray, ashen, yellow, purple, and pink colors. The use of easily available rutile quartz is also common. It is mined almost everywhere on the earth globe. We are fortunate to have such a beautiful and high-energy stone in abundance.

Benefits of Rutile Quartz Stone

  • Spiritually it has a perfect balance of cosmic light. It is illuminating for the soul and encourages the spiritual body.
  • Astral travel stone, this stone cleanses and energizes the aura.
  • Like other quartz, it has the ability to attract negative energy.
  • It helps to overcome the negativities that hinder spiritual development. It reduces obsession with the past.
  • It is a stone that affects the love and joy of life.
  • It is a symbol of sexual power.
  • It collects sunlight and emits an anti-depressant effect.
  • It is also an effective stone for chronic diseases and infertility.
  • It is a stone that gives one-to-one energy to people who feel extreme tiredness and exhaustion and have a lack of energy.
  • It has a positive effect on respiratory tract disorders and thyroid disorders.
  • It removes parasites from the body.
  • It supports cell regeneration.
  • Rutile quartz should be touched to the neck if it is to be used for the thyroid, to the abdominal cavity if it is to be used for energy, and to the ears for balance.
  • Relieves headache,
  • It regulates blood circulation.
  • It is also beneficial for the eyes.
  • It strengthens the bone structure.
  • It is very good for chronic fatigue and even eliminates it.
  • It solves fears, phobias, psychological problems and has a kind of anti-depressant feature.

Hardness Degree: 7

Specific Gravity: 2.65

Chemical Formula and Group: SiO2 and Silicate

Color: Colorless, white, pink, purple, brown, gray, ashen, yellow – transparent, translucent

Places of Origin: Brazil, Madagascar, USA, Russia

Chakras: abdomen, heart, forehead, crown

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