Pearl Stone Features and Benefits


Pearl Stone

Features and Benefits

The pearl occurs in oysters and mussels living in the seas of warm and temperate regions. The average period of formation is 10 years. However, cultured pearls have been cultivated for a long time. Cultured pearls take 3 to 7 years to form. Pearl formation begins when sand or other foreign matter enters the oyster shell. Oysters coat this substance with a substance called nacre. This substance contains 92% calcium carbonate. If the foreign substance settles in the meat completely, if it cannot settle in a spherical shape, a hemispherical pearl is formed. In cultured pearls, foreign matter is artificially introduced into the oyster (like a bead or a piece of fleshy tissue). In this way, the oyster is stimulated.

Cultured pearls are obtained from live oysters (Akoya or south sea pearls) or mussels (freshwater pearls). Today, cultured pearl cultivation is quite common. Cultured pearl does not mean fake or imitation pearl. Cultured pearls are pearls that are artificially stimulated but developed in their natural environment. Only 10% of the pearls grown in the 7-year period are of high quality and can be used in jewelry. The brightness, size, and scarcity, and symmetry of the spots on it play a very important role in determining the quality of the pearl. The clearer the pearl’s shine, the higher its value.

The age of the oyster is also important in determining the value of the pearl. The older the oyster, the bigger the pearl. The most commonly obtained colors in pearls are pink, cream and white. Although rare, black pearls can be grown, but since a real black pearl is very valuable and expensive, it has been imitated a lot. A dark shiny black pearl, very rare and quite expensive.

It is sufficient to use warm water and a damp cloth to clean İnci. Also perfume etc. It should also be kept away from substances containing alcohol and should not be kept in closed environments for long. Pearls need to renew themselves by taking in air.

Pearlstone has other names as well. Other names of İnci are Lü’lü (the name mentioned in the Qur’an), Perl (English), or Perle.

Benefits of Pearl Stone;

It is known that İnci emphasizes the artistic and intuitive aspects of people. It is also said to be good for skin and skin disorders and increase breast milk. It is one of the few precious stones mentioned in the Quran. Pearl is associated with paradise in hadiths.

Also pearl; symbolizes humility, cleanliness, love and compassion, radiance, mystery, success, and happy marriage. We can list the benefits of pearl stone as follows.

  • Helps in the treatment of skin/skin diseases.
  • Increases fertility and breast milk.
  • It is beneficial for the lungs and kidneys.
  • It is effective against bone pain, migraine, stomach, spleen, and intestines diseases.
  • Pearl gives power, peace, and determination to work.
  • It is thought to have a calming effect on people prone to depression.
  • It has a healing effect in the treatment of diseases that upset the person, such as mood disorders.
  • It helps to build rapport with people.
  • It is believed to activate feelings of compassion, understanding, and self-sacrifice.
  • It activates the power of intelligence and intuition towards art.

Hardness Degree: 3

Specific weight:

Chemical Formula and Group: CaCO3 and Organic Compounds

Color: White, pink, yellow, black

Originated: Red Sea, Persian Gulf, Australian Coast, Polynesia, Austria, France, Ireland, Scotland, India, USA


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