Lava Stone Features and Benefits


Lava Stone

Features and Benefits

Lava Stone, which has been very popular lately, came to the surface as a result of volcanic events. As the name suggests, Lava Stone reaches us from the depths of the earth’s layer. Although lava stone, which is resistant to high temperatures, is known as barbecue stone and used in this way, it has recently taken its place in the semi-precious stones category, especially bracelets and rosaries, and jewelry. was used in construction.

This natural stone, which is mined in regions where volcanic events take place, emerges when many components come together and melt at high temperatures and then petrify. The benefits of lava stone, which is very rich in minerals it contains, are also quite high. Thanks to the rich minerals in it (mostly iron, magnesium, zinc, calcium, potassium) it is effective on the chakras.

As we have mentioned in many of our articles, natural stones are known to be beneficial, but they are not the definitive solution to any disease. In case of discomfort, you should first consult your doctor and use your medications. Gemstones cannot replace drug therapy, they can only be used as an alternative. However, to see the benefit of a stone, you must believe that it is beneficial. Stones should be used for support purposes only.

Benefits of Lava Stone

  • It provides spiritual and emotional balance, it is effective for the mind.
  • When lava stone is heated, it is used for muscle ailments. It is useful in muscle pain and rheumatic disorders. For this reason, it is used in thermal facilities and treatments.
  • It helps to expand the veins, thereby accelerating blood circulation.
  • It gives energy to people, is beneficial for the heart, and also accelerates cell regeneration.
  • It has benefits in the respiratory tract and helps for more comfortable breathing.
  • Lava stone is a precious stone that purifies the body and gives a feeling of peace and serenity.

Hardness Degree:

Specific weight:

Chemical Formula and Group:

Color: Black, Brown, Red, and various colors

Places of Extraction: Volcanic Regions

Chakras: All chakras

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