Kyanite Properties and Benefits


Kyanite Stone

Features and Benefits

Kyanite is a natural stone that can be found in many colors in nature but usually has a translucent blue-white mixture color scale. Kyanite stone can be black or brown veined on blue from time to time. This stone, which is believed to bring peace, is also used for protective purposes. Kyanite stone, which has been used as an ornament from past to present, helps the user to get rid of stress and tension, while you do not need to purify or clean your stone since it does not have negative energy loading.

Known as the stone of peace and calm, kyanite is also used by people who have insomnia and fatigue problems. A kyanite stone that you will put under your pillow will help you wake up in the morning rested and fresh. Kyanite is in harmony with zodiac signs other than Taurus and Aries. It is believed to give negative energy to Taurus and Aries.

Benefits of Kyanite Stone

  • It is a very effective stone on positive thinking.
  • Happiness has a positive effect on self-confidence.
  • It is known as the luck stone from past to present.
  • It has a protective effect on the person who uses it.
  • It provides tranquility and inner peace.
  • It absorbs negative energy and turns it into positive.
  • It balances and harmonizes the chakras.
  • It especially works the 5th chakra and is known to be good for throat area problems.
  • When you sleep by placing it under the pillow, it enables conscious dreams to be seen and the dream to be remembered.
  • It has a general protective effect on the person from harmful eyes and the evil eye.
  • It supports emotional and spiritual development.
  • While balancing those who are overly angry, it also prevents confusion.

Hardness Degree: 4.5 – 6.5

Specific weight:

Chemical Formula and Group:


Places of Origin: Brazil, Switzerland, Burma, Australia, America

Chakras: Throat, Crown

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