Fluorite Stone Features and Benefits


Fluorite Stone

Features and Benefits

Fluorite is like a rainbow with its striking vibrant colors. Fluorite, which has a variety of colors, is mostly purple, but can be yellow, red, green, pink, blue, violet and white. It is a glassy transparent stone. It is a highly demanded stone thanks to its extraordinary beauty. It takes its name from the element fluorine in its content.

Fluorite, which is not very hard, is compatible with the solar plexus, heart, crown and forehead chakras. Since it is softer than other stones in terms of hardness, it is easily scratchable and breakable.

It should also be noted that the water you will use for cleaning the fluorite stone should not be too hot or cold, and it is appropriate to keep it under water for a short time while cleaning. Cleaning using soap may cause your stone to become dull.

Fluorite has a crystalline structure in equal measure. They are mostly cubic or octahedral ones. Color distribution varies. It glows purple when held up to light. This is its most defining feature.

Fluorite, which provides balanced energy, has a positive effect on health in general. It cleanses the body physically and spiritually.

Benefits of Fluorite Stone

  • When used close to the neck area, it increases attention and eliminates the feeling of inadequacy. Due to this feature, it is beneficial in the works that are reluctant to do and feel inadequate.
  • Those who hesitate to drive can try this stone.
  • Handle your fluorite when your thoughts are vague and complex. You will find that your thinking becomes sharper. Likewise, you can use this stone when your mind is tired.
  • Its energy is soothing and calming. Transparent fluorite can be used with other stones, but its effects are weakened when purple fluorite is used with other stones.
  • It strengthens one’s analytical abilities. It is a particularly useful stone for students and those who do things that require attention, due to its mental clarity and concentration-enhancing effect.
  • It increases concentration and strengthens intuition.
  • It is effective against headaches.

Hardness Degree: 4

Specific weight:

Chemical Formula and Group:

Color: Predominantly purple but yellow, red, green, pink, blue, violet, and white

Places of Extraction:

Chakras: Solar plexus, Heart, Forehead, Crown

Cleaning: Flowing water / Sun (15 minutes)

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