Trio of Swords – Tarot Card Meaning

Kılıçların Üçlüsü - Tarot Kartı

Trio of Swords

A harbinger of dramatic scenes, this card warns of troubled days, even though it knows that the unfortunate situations that we sometimes have to face in life can be overcome. Something in your life right now is moving away from you. It is necessary to think that; Something or a person that is of no use to you must be lost anyway.

Trio of Swords (Reverse)

A separation with less pain awaits you. Although it is a difficult time, you should know that your feelings will be less hurt. It may be that a relationship that has been broken up in the past is going to break up again. If, for example, a health operation is waiting for you outside of relationships, it means that the dimensions of the trouble you will experience will be narrower.

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