Trio of Cups – Tarot Card Meaning

Kupaların Üçlüsü - Tarot Kartı

Trio of Cups

This card, which is a harbinger of a developing and rapidly progressing relationship, represents a period that will bring happy results or the foundations of a long-term and serious relationship will be laid. It is possible to say that if there is no one in your life with the expectation of a developing relationship with someone in your life, the right candidate will come out. In fact, a process begins in which plans such as marriage, engagement or promise are made. On the other hand, developments such as a successful graduation, career advancement, birth, anniversary of an important day or having a job are also included in the news given by this card. Therefore, it can be said that you meet the most positive aspects of your talents.

Trio of Cups (Reverse)

You have to be ready for an ending that doesn’t lead to happiness. Even your relationship that you think is going well will be interrupted by the behavior of the other person. Other disruptions waiting for you are alcohol, drugs, sex, nutrition, etc. You may experience health problems by giving too much weight to habits such as During this time when romance is on the decline, the card invites you to think and be careful before discussing matters like marriage. In this process, you will also need to be aware of your natural abilities.

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