The Hanged Man – Tarot Card Meaning

Asılan Adam - Tarot Kartı

The Hanged Man

This card; Giving up means sacrificing what you have in order to achieve the better. Spiritual sacrifice, on the other hand, indicates devotion to worship. This belief system and perspective on events can completely change. For example, his private life and business life can change completely. The person may stop giving priority to others by putting their individual needs first. However, when this card is seen together with other negative cards, it can be interpreted as going to prison or being accused of anything.

The Hanged Man (Reverse)

Ego refers to materialism and selfishness. The person who chooses this card does not think about anyone but himself because of his selfishness. Narrow-mindedness prevents us from reaching God. Following someone else’s path hinders the development of possibilities.

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