Seven of Swords – Tarot Card Meaning

Kılıçların Yedilisi - Tarot Kartı

Seven of Swords

When the Seven Swords lie flat in a Tarot reading, it means that you or someone affiliated with you wishes to be a “lone wolf”. A lone wolf is a person who runs alone and freely, acting completely on his own. This is a card that shows you stand out from the rest. You may feel that you are most effective when you act alone. You want to ignore the ineffective group’s greatest efforts and assert your independence. This style of isolation is only effective for some people because most of us must have a commitment to being productive. The Seven of Swords card can also indicate avoiding commitments or responsibilities. There is a need to face what has to be faced. One does not just want problems to be voiced. Procrastination doesn’t work. There is a need to deal with problems.

Seven of Swords (Reverse)

When the Seven Swords are reversed in a Tarot reading, it can mean you’re feeling like a fraud or a fake even if you’re not. You or someone close to you may be engaging in acts of deception or holding big secrets.

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