Queen of Wands – Tarot Card Meaning

Asaların Kraliçesi - Tarot Kartı

Queen of Wands

An extraordinary blend of power and warmth is seen. Success and achieving better brings motivation in business and private life. There is a desire for continuous development in areas that require social life, politics, sports and creativity. Theater, freedom, and anything that serves self-expression are included in this card. Being loved and envied among family and friends comes from such desires and abilities. These are things that have already been accomplished to a large extent.

Queen of Wands (Reverse)

This card, which informs about negative developments, represents deception and deception. Selfishness shows itself too much. This person can be an overly ambitious administrator. She uses her sexiness to impress people demonically. It distorts information and news and misrepresents events.

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