Queen of Swords – Tarot Card Meaning

Kılıçların Kraliçesi - Tarot Kartı

Queen of Swords

Emphasizing self-control, this card presents the married or in a relationship with a self-confident profile. His mind rules him more than his heart. He can be sharp and critical, analytical and insightful. Righteousness, freedom, equality and education express the most basic goals. Many communication channels, from journalism to technology, are the interests of these people.

Queen of Swords (Reverse)

Refers to bad news and gossip. She is also the narrator of not being able to get rid of what happened in the past. Carrying the unhappiness-filled past stubbornly to the present continues. This can lead to cunning and bad thoughts. Their ideas can be one-sided and unreliable. Stronger steps should be taken in favor of prejudices and self-confidence.

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