Quartet of Talismans – Tarot Card Meaning

Tılsımların Dörtlüsü - Tarot Kartı

Quartet of Talismans

This card, which is an indicator of your determination and economic power, conveys that money is equivalent to power. You can experience the positive effects of holding money in your hands. On the other hand, your card, which expresses ownership in relationships, represents individual control and self-confidence against selfish and closed attitude in general.

Quartet of Charms (Reverse)

A period in which you feel strong in a relationship or situation in which the balances will change and your power will decrease is waiting for you. No matter how much you keep it under control, you may feel that your power is decreasing. You should be prepared for a period when your money is running low due to extravagance, and you have problems in business and finance. A period begins when you will feel predominantly weak.

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