Nine of Wands – Tarot Card Meaning

Asaların Dokuzlusu - Tarot Kartı

Nine of Wands

It can be said that you are a little more cautious and defensive due to your previous experiences. So much so that you are even prepared for a serious argument or fight to defend yourself. If you have a problem that you are already struggling with, it is useful to be a little careful as you have not been able to handle it yet. A past relationship or health problem may come up again, you should be prepared.

Nine of Wands (Reverse)

You may be in an attitude of not pursuing the rights you have and a kind of weakness. You should be prepared for the arguments and problems you will encounter. Your problems may be a recurring problem from your past. At this point, the main thing you should be careful about is that you should display the attitude of weakness that dominates you in general against these problems. You must be free from your fears.

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