Justice – Tarot Card Meaning

Adalet - Tarot Kartı


It symbolizes balance and positive decisions. Especially the movement that establishes the balance of life expresses this card. The person who chose this card; heart, mind, mental health, materialism, he begins to organize his life with the guarantee of equal time for work and action. This person uses their inner urge to get justice. “You reap what you sow” is the basic meaning of the justice card. Also, this card symbolizes school.

Justice (Reverse)

Injustice means imbalance. It can also indicate a wrong decision. The person who chooses this card may face injustice and prejudiced attitudes. There may be problems in education. Learning problem, teacher-student conflict, school change may occur. There is a high probability of meeting someone who is ruthless and prejudiced. The person who chooses this card does not listen to his inner voice. There is an imbalance in feelings, thoughts, work and entertainment life.

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