Eight of Talismans – Tarot Card Meaning

Tılsımların Sekizlisi - Tarot Kartı

Eight of Talismans

It can be said that you are ready for education in any subject. Discovering yourself, being trained for a job or profession are some of the possibilities that exist on this card. It could also be in the form of working on something. This card, which heralds your determination to work in better conditions or earn more money, also heralds that you will meet people with high efficiency. All the relationships you will establish now will come back to you exponentially in the future.

Eight of Charms (Reverse)

Despite the talent and ambition you have within yourself, great difficulties await you in achieving your goals. You can leave behind some of the values ​​you have held so far, but never your talents! You can make wrong choices about your abilities. There may be immoral moves among these wrong choices. There may even be extremes in your business, such as irregularities, embezzlement, and unfair transfer of earnings. You should think long and hard about the steps you will take and stay away from behaviors that are attributed to ugly.

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