Duo of Talismans – Tarot Card Meaning

Tılsımların İkilisi - Tarot Kartı

Duo of Talismans

Expressing that the changes in life are endless, this card reminds you that all the changes you will encounter in your life are normal and you should be prepared for such fluctuations. The events you experience can bring you back to the points you thought you got through. You should think that this flow, which is usually not in your hands, adds meaning and movement to your life. Different responsibilities in daily life, making use of money or risking an existing job or a value to start new beginnings are also included in these changes. Therefore, your attitude should be flexible because life has its ups and downs.

Duo of Talismans (Reverse)

This card, which indicates that you may have difficulty in keeping up with the changes that have started or will begin to take place in your life, warns you when making decisions about money and other matters. You may experience misdirections. E.g; You may behave unfairly in your relationships, misjudge your money, or break your promises. It can be expected that you will experience adaptation problems and not be able to display courageous attitudes in the situation changes you will encounter.

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