Ace of Swords – Tarot Card Meaning

Kılıçların Ası - Tarot Kartı

Ace of Swords

Representing power, this card indicates a time when you will feel stronger than ever before. Although the mountains seen on the card represent some obstacles, the symbolism of the kingdom means that these problems are starting to be resolved or will be resolved. Whatever the problem is, it is possible to achieve victory with the power of the mind, and without the need for complicated setups. On the contrary, in this process, it is possible to solve problems peacefully in a very honest and principled balance.

Ace of Swords (Reverse)

This card, which does not offer you many positive effects, indicates that you are surrounded by problems that you have trouble getting out of or that you are under serious pressure. However, you should also consider that the person creating all these pressures and problems may be “yourself”.

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